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How to Treat Your Cat’s Dental Care Problems

Dental health condition of cats is not properly cared for by owners, while they are quick to notice symptoms of illness. Cats are the victims of dental problems and 85 percent of adult pets are believed to suffer from periodontal health conditions. There is a build of plague which calcifies and form tartar which forces food and debris and bacteria under the gum line resulting in infection of both gum and bone structure which supports the cat’s teeth.

Periodontal disease

It is the most common form of diseases in cats similar to humans. Treatment for this disease includes antibiotics, dental cleaning extraction in the advanced stage of the disease. Good dental care has to be provided for cats to prevent feline stomatatics resulting in inflammation of the mouth which can affect the throat or pharynx that will be extremely painful and also affect its eating habits. Cats also suffer from feline odontoclastic oral resorption lesions, shallow pits, seen in the enamel as well as dentine of a cat’s mouth. For this reason also preventive care should be taken. If the disease worsens diagnoses through oral examination oral radiographs can be done to prevent tooth dieing

Provision of dental care cannot be over stated. Giving dry food alone will not solve the problem. In order to maintain the cat’s teeth and gums, a three step programme is suggested by veterinarians, namely veterinary dental examination, home dental care, and yearly veterinary re examination. Doctors recommend a monthly at home oral examination and flossing through rope type chew toys. Dental care at home for cats can be given by brushing with special cat sized tooth brushes daily if possible.

Cats with dental problem can be administered antiseptic dental gels, rinses and sprays. Though not a substitute for brushing, it helps to protect and clean teeth where brushing is not possible. Many pharmaceutical companies offer dental chews, flavored with fish or poultry and an abrasive nature that can remove food and other unwanted particles, plague, from cat’s teeth. Dental care at home and veterinary’s care is quite enough to take care of the cat and its dental health.

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